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With our best partners we have developed two software solutions specifically dedicated to the retail and corporate markets.
An application for content management on digital signage platforms and a telepresence system for professional video conferences.


Nowsignage is a scalable cloud-based digital signage software for every screen anywhere.
Features such as our Microsoft Power BI & social media integrations, our proof-of-play, IPTV and Capacity Management applications, are all available free of charge to all users.
NowSignage is the world’s first digital signage CMS to be hardware agnostic through a single code base. 
Once the software is downloaded on to your device (typically via an approved App Store or via our APK file) all you then need to do is enter an unique PIN.

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K-signage is our multi-player content management system that allows users to customise, distribute, plan and monitor all the contents of their display network through a single management interface, which can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.
K-signage is the first digital signage CMS that allows the importation of dynamic content from social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – as well as images, videos, RSS feeds, live news and calendars.

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Seestemy is our professional HD video conference solution, designed for cloud connection of third-party systems, from smartphones and tablets - and to improve productivity and optimize resources:
- Reduction of transfer costs and better work time management;
- More effective and "ecological" communications;
- More accessibility to people and information;
- Faster decision-making processes, immediate emergency management and more efficient customer service

Features of the cloud video conference
Functionality independent of extra management equipment.
Videoconference guaranteed even in low band conditions.
Possible integration with other videoconferencing systems (room equipment, H323, SIP, telepresence).

Session confidentiality guaranteed by AES 128 encryption.
Quick and easy document and information sharing.
Cross-platform service for connecting room equipment, PCs, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android) cross platform (win, mac, linux).
Cloud based on 25 contemporary presences.

It's possible to have videoconferencing sessions with a variable number of users, guaranteeing the highest quality of service.
It's possible to dynamically manage the transmitted images to ensure the best possible signal to connected users.

Scalable SVC standard / Guaranteed audio video quality
Seestemy uses Vidyo technology based on the H.264 SVC standard (scalable video coding) which ensures stable audio quality over time.
Optimized resolution even with non-optimal connection (for example in case of limited bandwidth or packet loss).

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